Dear friends and followers, 

There are so many young creative people today that need our support to explore what happens if they give their ideas a chance. Yannik always championed expression in others, no matter who they were and how they expressed it. We founded the Y_Space to continue what Yannik started, by giving teenagers the space to make their ideas real.

Our project began this year with Yannik’s closest friends, the Original Creators. In 2017, we want to give thousands of teenagers a loudspeaker to turn the volume up to 100, so their ideas are seen, heard, and felt. 

We need £20,000 to fund the Y_Space E_Magazine

The magazine is for teenagers, featuring content from Y_Space Creators and works from other inspirational teenagers from around the world, as well as tutorials to help Creators get going on new projects.

Every penny will go into curating, editing, and promoting a magazine that is designed to inspire more creators of tomorrow.  

Please please please, donate now to make it happen