Y_Space goes live with the launch
workshop for the Original Creators


It’s official folks, the Y_Space is live. We launched at the beginning of this month on Yannik’s birthday with our launch workshop, the first of many to come.

Yannik’s closest mates, AKA The Original Creators, joined us at the Teufelsberg, Berlin’s green lung Grunewald. Once the NSA spy station during the Cold War, it’s since been taken over by graffiti artists who, with nothing but spray paint and a lot of passion, have turned the place into a paradise for street art.  

Sebastian Oskar Kroll, one of the pioneers of Berlin’s hipstograph movement, gave the Original Creators all the tips and tricks they needed to design, art direct, and shoot their own photographs that represent Yannik’s values: respect, curiosity, love, teamwork, and peace.

After hours, we relaxed with some good food and music and edited the best photographs for the day into our first, but not last, album.

Check out the results here:

Watch the video: Behind the scenes of the Original Creators Workshop

And please, share your favourite photos on your social channels to spread the word about the Y_Space, inspiring the creators of tomorrow.