Original Creators Hit London

This week we’re welcoming 3 of Yannik’s school friends to London to explore and create – a drumroll please for London Dispatch.

Elijah, Enea and Hidde – along with many of their friends and peers – have a natural passion for exploring different creative outlets, so this week they’ll be making their own documentary.

We’ll be giving them a crash-course in how to create a short film, then they’ll plan, shoot and edit. Their canvas? Tate Modern and the surrounding areas. Their tools? iPhones, iMovie (you’re welcome, Apple), plus a mic and a selfie stick!

What will they create? Well that’s up to them. But they’ll have help along the way from team members at Prophet, and Abbie Brandon of Irresistible Films who’s coming in to share her expertise and knowledge about creating short movies and documentaries, and guide them through the creative process.

At the end of the week, Elijah, Enea and Hidde will present their documentary to the entire team at Prophet in London – no pressure guys.

We look forward to digging in and getting creative, so watch this space for the results!