The Yannik El-Noshokaty Sport Award

Yannik was a big sports fan – he genuinely loved every sport he got involved in. What was so special about watching Yannik take part in sports was the passion that shone through.

His favourite sports were undoubtedly football and skiing, although he also showed extreme talent in track and field, which he became involved in during the time the family lived in Australia.

However, it wasn’t just Yannik’s skill for almost any sport that was inspiring, but his attitude and commitment. Yannik was a big team player, always encouraging his peers and team mates. He was the person who would kick the ball to someone so that they’d get a chance to play, and be sure to cheer on other people when it was their chance to shine.

This is where the inspiration came from for The Yannik El-Noshokaty Sport Award. The Yannik Foundation wants to celebrate other children who show these traits in sport, and share their success with them.

Working with the Berlin Metropolitan School (BMS) where Yannik studied, every year one student in Grade 7 (aged 11-12) is awarded The Yannik El-Noshokaty Sport Award. Not only do they receive a trophy, but the winner of the award receives a gift voucher towards equipment or clothing for the sport of their choice. And now we want to extend this award to other schools across the globe, so that we can inspire more children to be the best they can be in sports.

If your school wants to get involved, please get in touch with us here.

Criteria for the award:

  • Good performance in sport
  • Having a good attitude towards sport
  • Being committed to sport in your school
  • Being a team player
  • Always trying hard at new sports
  • Helping other students to achieve success
  • Aged 11-12 year group at school