Today the students and teachers of the Berlin Metropolitan School (BMS) gathered to celebrate the last day of this school year. The annual event is held in the school’s auditorium, the atmosphere was positive and energetic. Everyone attending could feel this isn’t an ordinary school, but one with remarkable student-teacher-relationships and with a unique spirit honoring those who were there – as well as those who were not.

For the past 4 years, one of the highlights of the event is handing over “The Yannik El Noshokaty BMS Grade 7 Sports Award”. The award rewards one student each year, the one athlete standing out most by displaying and living the values Yannik stands for: being real and loving, staying curious and hardworking, while respecting and enabling his/her teammates. See what Yannik's friends say about the award here.

This year’s winner is Mira and we wholeheartedly congratulate her!

Now everyone’s off to enjoy their well-deserved summer break, but – and that was one of the greatest things to experience today - the Y_Spacers are keen to come back and engage in new projects. We are curious to find out what will be next!


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