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Dear All,

When we started on this journey a year ago, our aim was to build something that would celebrate Yannik’s values and be an inspiration to other kids his age.

Since then we have been able to build a highly skilled team around us, who has helped us to create the Y_Space, a central element of the Yannik Foundation.



Yannik was many things: empathetic, caring, peaceful, loving. We wanted the foundation to reflect all these values. But the main inspiration for the project came from two other attributes that Yannik possessed: endless curiosity combined with his “get shit done” attitude.

We wanted to build on these attributes to create a place for children from all over the world to create together – because Yannik was attached to so many places across the globe, from Berlin to London, from Melbourne to Cairo. 



The Y_Space is the place for a new generation of creators to make their ideas real. We provide the space for them to discover new things, create what they want, and share their creations with the world through our channels.

·       Make it by discovering

·       Make it by creating

·       Make it by sharing

To inspire the creators of tomorrow.



The Y_Space is comprised of three main parts: workshops, an online magazine, and social channels. These 3 elements allow the creators of tomorrow to discover, create and share.

Y_Space workshops ( provide an environment for creators to discover. Our workshops encompass a range of topics but always focus on sparking curiosity and teaching new techniques and tools to
create. Workshops have kicked off in Berlin and will now move
to other cities.

The Y_Space magazine ( allows us to raise awareness and will provide a space where creators can make their ideas real. Frequent updates ensure audiences stay up to date. We’ll be launching our ‘motif-maker’ and T-shirt design tools soon – watch this space.

Social channels give creators the ability to publish and view Y_Space projects and content. This enables them to share with others and get inspired by what their peers are posting.  





We launched last month with the original creators workshop for Yannik’s closest friends. Hosted at Berlin Teufelsberg in the former NSA spy station during the Cold War, the creators were taught everything they needed to design, art direct and shoot their own photographs that represent Yannik’s values: respect, curiosity, love, teamwork, and peace.

Watch the “behind the scenes” video – filmed and edited by the highly talented and skilled original creator Enno (14 years young! here:

The next workshop on art direction will be live next month in London. 



We want as many people as possible to take part in inspiring the creators of tomorrow.

If you are interested in supporting the Y_Space, here’s what you can do to help:

1. SHARE & LIKE & FOLLOW – we want more teenager to find out about us and take part. Please share Y_Space content on your social channels and spread the word.

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2. DONATE – our ambition is to offer more workshops in more cities; to partner with more creators; improve the online magazine to become a go-to destination for the creators of tomorrow to foster creativity, endless curiosity and confidence. To do that, we need your help. Every penny helps! 100% of the donation will be used for the creators of tomorrow!

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We do miss our beloved Yannik desperately every second - his caring, loving, truly life embracing character was and is always a true inspiration for us all.

Thank you so much for helping us to honor our brother and oldest son and helping us to eventually change the world! Yannik’s values are more needed than ever in today’s changing world!

Cosima, Filippa, Kaspar, Stefanie, Tosson and the Original Creators forever with Yannik


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